Traci and I went out to dinner with Ty and his wife last night, and it was so nice to get out of the house for once. My mom watched Michael, and as bad as this might sound, it was nice to forget about him and have a couple hours to ourselves. We ate at Grogg’s (a little brewery/restaurant outside of town), where I’ve only been two times before, but both times I only had a few beers. The food was pretty good, but it took awhile to get to our table. The beer was pretty good, too–it’s nice to have a couple beers and actually feel like you just had a couple beers. It normally takes a six-pack of regular Utah watered-down beer to feel like you’ve had any.
I’ve got a huge, long list of things I need to do in the very near future, most of which consists of spending a lot of money. Xmas is coming up, as is my mom’s birthday and my in-law’s wedding anniversary, plus my cousin’s wedding is this weekend. I’ve got to replace some steering components on my truck, and I’ve been wanting to get a new couch for my office. And on top of all that, I am probably going to buy a car next week. I’ve got about $1,000 in cash saved up, plus my next paycheck will have over $300 in overtime, and with my wife’s meager paycheck and whatever we have leftover in checking after paying bills, we should be able to get a decent vehicle.

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