What happened to fall?

It is very cold in my house right now. And I refuse to turn my furnace on–I mean c’mon, it’s only the beginning of October. I’ll just make-do with a sweater for now. Besides, I need to change the filters in my furnace anyway, which I’ll probably do this weekend.
I’ve been on stand-by for a project at work that our consulting group wants me to do. As soon as they get the forms I’m supposed to update, I’m supposed to drop whatever work I’m doing at the time and get busy on their project. I was supposed to start yesterday, but I haven’t heard a thing from the guy who was supposed to contact me when the time comes. I was rather nervous about this whole thing from the start, because it’s for a very important client, and as far as I had heard, it should have been done by today. I guess as long as I’m not the one holding everything up, it shouldn’t matter to me when it gets done.

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