Wow, it’s Friday already. I’ve been waiting most of this week for the shit to hit the fan, anticipating some very long days and grueling work, but it never came. I’m still waiting for something from the consulting department at work, but I guess if this project isn’t a priority for them, it shouldn’t be for me either. It’s just hard to believe the week is over already, after expecting it to drag on forever.
I finally gave in and cranked up the furnace today. It was 58° inside when I woke up this morning, and it had gotten down to 36° outside last night. There were some dark, nasty looking clouds rolling in late yesterday evening while I was outside barbecuing some hamburgers, and I really expected it to snow last night. I guess when I fix the front-end on my truck, I might as well replace the front driveline–I can’t make it through the winter with two rear-wheel drive vehicles.

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