5 thoughts on “Dubya

  1. Is what even relevant? The fact that he comes across as a moron?
    Last time I checked relevancy to anything wasn’t a requirement to post what you’re thinking at the time on a personal webpage.
    Anyway, just for the record, I voted for G.W. And I would make the same decision again if the election was today because I think that he was the person who would screw things up the least, and definately the more honest of the two, even though I disagree with some Republican ideals… (I disagree with some Democratic ideals too…so If the Dem. candidate had been someone else, he may have gotten my vote too.. (and probably enough others to have won just one more state.)

  2. the media and the ideological bullies of the liberal movement are the sole reasons that “W” is widely perceived to be intellectually deficient.
    the man received a M.A. in business from HARVARD (yes, the one in cambridge), for chrissake.
    P.S. i was simply asking whether or not “W’s” supposed inability to communicate should have any bearing on your assessment of him as a leader. if it doesn’t, then ignore what i said…

  3. No, it shouldn’t… It’s still way too early in his presidency to determine something like that. So far he hasn’t really screwed anything up, and that’s all you can really ask for, so if I only had this 6 months to judge, I’d say he’s been pretty good. Hell, I actually liked Bill Clinton 6 months into his… Ack!

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