Now you're going toupee.

Well, camping this weekend was the usual–pretty fun, but nothing spectacular. I managed to lose the grill that covers the stove burner on my barbeque on my way home. My wife noticed it was missing about ten minutes after we got home, and I had hit a large bump in the road where they were paving SR-10, so I went back in the car to try and find it, but it wasn’t there. I’ll probably have to make a new one somehow if I want to use the burner again. I’ve got five days off during Labor Day weekend, so we’re going to go camping that weekend, then again the following weekend when Mike will be able to make it.
Tomorrow, I’m going into the office, bringing my son to a doctor’s appointment, doing a little shopping, and exchanging my motherboard…it’s going to be a long day. I hate Tuesdays, especially when it involves bringing my wife and son along with me to Provo. I don’t mind their company on the drive to and from work, but the hassle of dropping them off and picking them up all the time is wearying. It wouldn’t be so bad if we had a decent car, but all we have is my truck, which my wife won’t drive (and I wouldn’t want her to, either). It would be much nicer if I could just get dropped off at work, then get picked up when I’m done, and head for home. But it’s never that simple…
I’ve got a lot of shit to do this week, including replacing the rear brake shoes on the truck, tons of yard work, and fixing a few minor things on the camper before we go camping again. I can’t wait ’til I actually get some time to just do absolutely nothing.

3 thoughts on “Now you're going toupee.

  1. Leave it up to you to act like a pussy-ass 5th-grader. I wouldn’t expect much more from a child–oh wait, you are a child. Nevermind then, please continue your childish antics, I’m sure somebody will find them amusing. =)

  2. Dood u rool, lemme tell ya a secret, you never eeee-ver get time to do absolutely nothing when youre married w/kid so dont even get your hopes up for that. Latez

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