Most Likely to Suck

In order to bring everything along camping that I want to bring, I have to cram a bunch of stuff inside the camper, like the barbeque, my bike, the spare tire for my truck, firewood, and all kinds of other stuff. Last night around 9:30, I decided that it was too big a pain in the ass to try fitting all that stuff inside the camper, so I went to my mom’s to borrow her trailer made out of an old Datsun truck bed. The tires on it have been flat for so long that the sidewalls were cracked where they’ve been bent for several years, and I just happened to have a set of tires I could put on it, so I went to work. It took me 1½ hours to get my tires on it, mainly because it was hard to get a jack under the axle without it slipping. It looks kinda funny, because the Datsun was only a 4X2 with fairly small tires, but the rims and tires I put on it are from the Toyota truck my wife rolled a couple years ago–they’re 31X10.5″ all-terrain tires on really nice 15″ alloy wheels.
I was pretty exhausted when I finally got home with the trailer in tow behind my truck, but I had a few more things to take care of before I finally went to bed. Today I need to get a safety chain for the trailer, and wire the brake lights to my truck. Hopefully I can do that on my lunch break, because as soon as I get off work, we’re heading out to Huntington Canyon, probably the same campground we stayed at a few weeks ago.

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