Home Sweet Hole

After having not showered for six days, it felt extremely good to come home last night and shower. Camping was great, I had more fun this year than I have any other year at my wife’s family reunion. Most of my time was spent just sitting around and bullshitting with everybody, and we played a couple of games of baseball, except with a wooden paddle and a plush ball, which was actually quite fun. Coming home sucked in that it meant returning to the real world, where my job and my mess of a house awaited, not to mention that it was really hot here. Driving down out of the mountains, it just kept getting hotter–it was probably about 70 degrees up there, and it was 90 when I got home.
I almost blew myself up Thursday night while I was trying to get the heater in the camper to work. I had lit the pilot light and turned the temperature knob up to high, and the burner came on. So I turned the temp knob down just until the burner shut off, then I was going to turn it up just a bit until it came on again so I didn’t have it set too high. The burner never lit again, even though the pilot light was still on, and eventually the knob was set to high again without the burner ever lighting. Then I heard a muffled *thump* sound, and the pilot light blew out. I shut the gas off and was trying to figure out what was wrong when I heard people outside my camper–apparently it was much louder outside, and a big blue flame came out of the heater exhaust. It scared the shit out of everyone else, but my wife and I were perfectly calm. I’m lucky I had the pilot light view-window shut, or else that flame would have came inside and probably injured me pretty badly. I never did try to light it again, so I gotta take it all apart and figure out what’s wrong.
My son pulled himself to a standing position yesterday, which was pretty scary–he’s not even crawling yet, and he’s able to pull himself up like that. My wife was lying on her side on the bed, and Michael was sitting on his butt next to her when he leaned forward and grabbed her waist and just stood up. I guess it’s time to stop putting him in his walker and leave him on his stomach on the floor, maybe he’ll learn to crawl then.

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