Whenever I prepare to go camping, I always think to myself that it can’t possibly be worth all the trouble to go shopping for food and packing stuff and all the other preparations that go into it, but when I finally get up in the mountains, it all seems worth it. The air smells of pine trees, it’s nice and cool compared to in town, and you can see the stars so clearly that there seem to be ten times as many as usual.
We didn’t leave town ’til midnight last night, and we got into camp around 1:00 am. It only took about 20 minutes to get all set up and into bed, and I slept much better than I usually do. I decided to take today off work, because I didn’t want to bring the camper out that late and still have to come home and work in the morning. I ended up coming into town today to get a couple of things we forgot…I left my bike here because the tires needed air and my mom had my pump, and I didn’t have time to go to the library and get a book, plus we forgot a few things for the baby. There was a shitload of road construction between here and Huntington, so the drive back is going to suck, but once I get back there, it’ll be nice to spend a few days away from everything. I probably won’t be home ’til Sunday afternoon or evening…I’m not gonna be able to watch the Nascar race, but hopefully I can at least get coverage on the radio.

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  1. No, Huntington, Utah. It’s a shitty little town about 20 miles outside of Price, but Huntington Canyon is just beautiful…we’re going back to camp for a few days in 2 weeks.

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