I decided I didn’t want to drive to the office at all this week, so I’m staying home today. It’s Mormon Day’s here in Utah (yes, that apostrophe is intentional–this is Utah, after all), and most people here celebrate it like the rest of the country celebrates the 4th of July, so the cops set up roadblocks to check for drunk drivers and such. Since my car still isn’t registered, I didn’t want to chance getting caught in a roadblock, plus since it’s basically a state holiday, traffic would have been horrible between here and work, especially with all the road construction.
What I find funny is that even though the state is celebrating the day the Mormon pioneers first came to Utah, the cops are looking for drunk drivers. I doubt they’ll catch any church-goers who have drunk a few too many, and I don’t see why any beer drinkers would be out celebrating the day Bring’em Young settled the land by driving around intoxicated trying to kill people.

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