1 thought on “Heh

  1. White trash living is the way to be….
    30 pack beer drinking is just right for me.
    Ain’t nothin finner than taken your girlfriend
    with a shinner out to dinner at Wal-Mart. Coo coo coo.
    I have that sticker on my truck, on a hat, as a shirt, on a sweater,
    on my snow board thingy. It is a proud symbol of a culture driven
    to defy progression by taking two steps back everyday.
    So go on down to your local super cuts, best cuts or whatever cuts and
    ask for that all symbolic hair doo THE MULLET! So stick it to the man, tell
    them to take that job and shuve it because you got your double wide,
    bare foot bride and your white trash pride!!!!!!!!!!!

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