Rosie: "Can I get my job back?"

Kmart is ceasing the sale of all handgun ammo. Yeah, that ought to curb handgun violence. I wonder when people are going to realize that if somebody wants to kill somebody else, they will find the means to do so, regardless of Kmart’s decision, and regardless of the law. Murder is against the law, period, and people willing to commit murder won’t think twice about breaking handgun laws, or *gasp* going to an actual sporting goods store rather than a department store.

9 thoughts on “Rosie: "Can I get my job back?"

  1. Ok Nate, why don’t you talk about oversimplifying the debate, then? All your talk is trash, and you almost always fail to make a valid point. Did I say something that is incorrect? Please point it out. You’re quick to point out that somebody is wrong, but rarely point out why.

  2. you did oversimplify it. i’m not directly disputing your argument (why bother?), but to expect such a statement to COMPLETELY vanquish the intellectual argument of the anti-gun lobby is foolish, arrogant, and misguided.
    you have a point; they have a point– yours rooted in constitutional tradition and privelege; theirs rooted in an attempted response to rampant gun violence.
    it’s not as simple as you being right and them being totally wrong (though you would like to think so, wouldn’t you?).
    one more thing: who is nate 😀

  3. Again, you missed out on the ‘why’ of the matter. I may have oversimplified things, but that does not necessarily make me wrong (or foolish, arrogant, and misguided).

  4. I DID NOT EVER IMPLY THAT YOU WERE WRONG. i just tore down your flawed methodology.
    and it IS very foolish, arrogant, as well as misguided to assume that by offering one, common-sense point that the opposing side of the argument has been trounced.

  5. You show me where I even implied that I indisputably shot down the anti-gun argument, and you’ll have successfully made your point. But I implied no such thing–I only offered my opinion, making no claims as to its absoluteness.
    *puts dictionary away* =)

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