This weekend was great. Mike and his wife got here late Friday evening, and we barbecued some chicken, then just sat around and bull-shitted awhile. Our wives went to bed early, so Mike and I stayed up ’til 2 am watching X-Files. We had planned on going rollerblading yesterday, but I forgot that my blades got ruined in The Great Flood of ’00, so we ended up playing basketball instead. We went to a friend’s wedding reception yesterday evening (after barbecuing some italian sausage), then returned to my house and played card games for a bit. Mike and I watched TV again last night, this time ’til 3 am. He and his wife left this morning, then my wife and I went and visited our moms.
My little sister had a baby yesterday, just in time for Mother’s Day (congrats Mandy!). She lives in Ogden, though, which is way too far for me to feel like driving up to see her, so I’ll have to wait ’til she comes down here.
I found out today that my truck isn’t really suited to jumping. I was out for a drive on Wood Hill and took a bump really fast, and when my truck landed (yeah, I caught air), the suspension bottomed out really bad. The damn thing’s just too heavy for that kinda stuff. Maybe I oughta try my car sometime.

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