The new layout is up. I had to clear my cache in IE5 to get the new background image to display. You’re supposed to be able to hit CTRL-F5 to refresh a page no matter what the timestamp on the server or the locally-stored version says, but it just didn’t work. Now it’s time for a new poll question.

8 thoughts on “Layout

  1. Chris: Hitting F5 compares the local version with the server version, which is supposed to save you download time. CTRL-F5 re-downloads everything no matter if the server version has changed. All this is according to the IE help file, which doesn’t appear to be correct anyway.
    Norch: I upgraded to 6.01…it’s got some decent features over 5.5, but some new features suck.

  2. You’re the only schmuck in all of e/n who knows how to design. And I mean that.
    I think I’m okay too, but I’m not arrogant enough to say so. Oh wait, I just did…

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