Well, it’s clear from looking at the poll numbers that it’s time for a new layout. I designed one in Photoshop today, and I spent the last hour and a half chopping it up into HTML. It was quite a pain in the ass to get working, but I finally did it. Making transparency look good is tough.
Of course, Netscape fucks it all up–the background image doesn’t line up with the overlying table. Netscape always has a hard time understanding what width=”1″ means. There are two columns that are supposed to be one pixel wide, and I’ve removed all white space between tags, but the columns appear 2 pixels wide. I might try to fix it before I get the layout up, but then again, I might do a browser check using javascript and redirect Netscape users to a place where they can download a decent browser.

9 thoughts on “Layout

  1. yep, nutscrape does blow.
    just make a seperate page containing the posts and nothing else…
    just a white background with black text

  2. Hey Nate, at least he can run a web site for more then a month without having to take it down for 6 months to do a redesign. You are a fucking moron. Now go away.

  3. is there a reason that you attacked me personally in your response?
    if you had been paying attention, you’d know that my computer ate itself one night, preventing me from accessing the net for over 2 months. the design was almost ready then and is almost ready now. however, i’ve got AP exams and finals throughout the next 2 weeks, which will prevent me from doing anything worthwhile with the page until at least june.
    and my page has been up for over a year (and only down for about 3-4 months). liar.

  4. btw, you should learn to not tear down others just because you disagree with something they say. think about it.

  5. Nate, you need to learn to stop being such a little prick. Your web site is a piece of shit. Give it up you asshole. DIE!

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