sucks. I really oughta create a section of my site detailing why Utah sucks so badly…then the majority of the visitors to my site who don’t give a shit about Utah don’t have to read it all on the main page. =)

3 thoughts on “Utah…

  1. Utah Sucks.. one more reason
    I keep getting spam email from bands in Utah wanting me to come see them.. Somehow my address ended up on some nightclub’s list (club Halo in Salt Lake City) and when I asked to be removed from the list, the guy gave my email to every shitty band in Utah!!!…. He gets real mad if you insult Utah, so have some fun with him if you like to rile people… halobooking2000@yahoo.com
    he doesn’t seem to care about who he gives email addresses to so if you got some good jokes about how much Utah sucks.. Send em’ his way… although you might end up on the mailing list for a Zep tribute band…..

  2. dude, i used to work at club halo, fuck that place, the guy on their email his name is bill, fuck him as well, here is his phone number 801 347 2922

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