Beavis Las Vegas

I swear, someday I’m going to be one of the fatalities on this road. Since my son was born, I rarely go above 70 or 75 mph, but occasionally it’s hard not to be aggressive when there are retards behind the wheels of most cars. At least having my son in the car keeps me from driving badly, but when he’s not with me, that’s when I tailgate and cut people off. Hopefully, I’ll get into the habit of driving safely, even when he’s not in the car.
Which reminds me, a couple days ago, some old man in a Mark VIII was turning left out of a parking lot, and tried to squeeze in between me and the guy in front of me, though there was only a couple of car-lengths between us. He had pulled out and was partially in the oncoming traffic lane and partially in the center turn lane before he even had a slight opening in front of me, so I gunned it and cut him off, ’cause I would have had to slow down to let him in without rear-ending him. He straightened out in the center turn lane, since I wouldn’t give him room in my lane, and continued for over half a block before I ended up turning into Gas-N-Go. It was just too bad I was turning, or else I think he’d have driven in the wrong lane for quite a distance before anybody let him in. He just gave me a look like I had done something wrong, and I wanted so badly to just ram him.

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