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Fuckin’ Jehovah’s Witnesses…I don’t understand how they think disturbing people in their own homes could possibly get people interested in their religion. That goes for all religions, for that matter. If I was looking for a new religion (which I never will be), I don’t think waiting for it to come to me would be the right way to go about it.
If I went door-to-door preaching atheism, and was as persistent as some jackasses who do the same for other religions, I guarantee most people would get pretty pissed, even though they believe it’s ok for their religion to do the same thing.
Religion is for the stupid and the weak-minded. Some of the smartest people I know, and those who have the best sense for what’s right and what’s wrong, are atheist. People of religion are just the opposite–generally dumb, unjust, and gullible as hell. Of course, I live in Utah, and I don’t have a good sense of what religion is like outside the state, but I imagine it’s pretty much the same everywhere, just not as oppressive as here.

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  1. hallelujah! Haha, Jehovah’s witnesses have got to be the worst, even worse than mormons. Fucking simple minded sheep, all of them. I love it when mormon missionaries come knockin’ at my door, I let them in and offer them a beer. Then I start grilling them with some questions, usually leaves them with the “deer caught in the headlights” look. By the time they leave my house they are questioning their own faith… haha, I love it.
    However, religion does have it’s place … outside of utah, some religions actually make sense, at least to me. Ever explored buddhism? Completely different school of thought. Not many utahns even know the first thing about it though. Well, utahns outside of Salt Lake City, and no West Valley doesn’t count.
    Just my $.02. Cheers!

  2. I agree with you dennis, to a point. To say that all people who are religious are dumb, unjust, etc. is a pretty broad generalization. Depends on the religion too. I consider myself a religious man (not fanatical, but I have beliefs) and I don’t think I’m like that. But yeah, I know just what you’re talking about. It’s not everyone though.

  3. “People of religion are just the opposite–generally dumb, unjust, and gullible as hell.”
    dumb and unjust… now, who in the world does that sound like?
    i give up.

  4. You’re right Naim…in general, what I said is probably more the exception than the rule. And I guess by “in general,” I mean outside of Utah. My opinion is skewed by the 70% majority of Mormons in Utah, most of whom I believe are exactly as I stated.
    Oh, and Nate, you could go a long way in trying to prove my point. I qualified that statement with the last sentence in my post, and I’ve cleared it up a little bit right here, so by all means, please continue with your insightful rhetoric.

  5. I’d rather someone came to my door than have to put up with people like the Catholic Church, Inc.(tm) throwing money at lawmakers and having influence over public policy and what-not.
    I don’t know anything about the Mormons, but I do know that Witnesses completely stay out of the government, and if you ask them to leave your house, they will.
    You can’t reverse years and years of religion-tainted laws and policies. That’s what annoys me.

  6. Yeah…that’s not only annoying, it’s downright evil. Forcing others to conform to your beliefs, or else be in conflict with the law, is about as unjust as it gets.
    The Mormons have a different approach than the Catholic church, but the end result is the same–since 70% of the state is Mormon, it’s easy to get an almost 100% Mormon government. It’s way cheaper than spending millions on political contributions. Of course, on the federal level, they have to come by their influence honestly–they buy it just like everybody else.

  7. I certainly don’t consider myself weakminded… Since your argument is so “general”… Are you saying that all “athiests” are Strong minded? hell no… are their strong minded christians? hell yeah! How are you going to preach athiesm if there is nothing to beleive in? hehe… agree to disagree…

  8. i think that religions that limit you on how you live your day-to-day life are unjust. but that’s my opinion.
    dennis, you should consider deism, or other religions of the type. in deism, you don’t have to do squat unless you feel like it! no church, no regular praying, no pancake feeds… except you have to do one thing, think alot about life and use reasoning and logic to figure out stuff like that. but it’s just my opinion, which isn’t as important as the next man’s opinion.

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