Man, today was a nice day. I didn’t wake up ’til around noon when my mom rang the doorbell, but after visiting with her and getting something to eat, I loaded my mountain bike into my truck and went for a drive (well, after jump-starting the damn dead battery). I went just north of town on a little dirt road to a trail that eventually just ends, but if you go far enough cross-country, you come to another dirt road that leads to another town. I just parked my truck at the start of the trail and rode my bike until the trail ended. I would’ve liked to have gone further, but I didn’t want to wear myself out and be too sore to go on another ride in a day or two. It was hot enough to go shirtless on the ride, so I got a little sunburn. So now I’m pink instead of bright white. =)
I just relaxed the rest of the day, reading a book, and watching three episodes of SG-1. This entire weekend was pretty relaxing, actually…it was the first time in quite a while that I didn’t have anything important to do.

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