Looks like is making a comeback! Woohoo! Sorry, but I just gotta get my hopes up that the radio show may come back as well. =) That was seriously the most fun to be had on the internet.
Today was an excruciatingly long day. I woke up a half-hour late, but made it to work by 8:00 a.m. My wife took our son to his doctor’s appointment, and he got four immunization shots, so he hasn’t been a happy baby today. I was expecting my wife to pick me up at work at or before 2:00 p.m., but since she was with her family, all of whom are habitually late for everything, she was 2½ hours late. I should have expected that to happen, but I was still really pissed off that while I was stranded at work for over 8 hours, with nowhere to go and no money with which to get something to eat, she was out playing around with her family. Never again will I allow her to drop me off and take the car with her…ever.
We got home, and I gave the lawn a badly needed mowing. And now I remember the one reason summer sucks: allergies…oh, and yardwork (ok, I guess there are 2 reasons). I’ve felt like shit the entire evening since mowing the lawn, and it still looks like shit. There is something seriously wrong with my lawn…it looks as though it was trampled by stampeding horses, like somebody is holding polo games on it when I’m not looking. The soil is pure clay, and both my lawns really need to be ripped out, new soil brought in, and sawd planted. But that’ll never happen, ’cause I’m too cheap to spend money to improve my yard. That’s like buying flowers for your honey on valentine’s day…what a waste. =)

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