NetFlix = Shit

I finally cancelled my NetFlix account. Their recent price increase is bullshit because the availability of their DVDs has been steadily decreasing. Besides, I hardly ever watch movies anymore…there’s too much going on in my life to relax for even a little while.
According to this article (you gotta scroll way down) in the shitty local newspaper, the FCC has given approval for my ISP to take over all the phone services that are now offered by Qwest. The article states that they plan on offering DSL sometime soon. But even if they’re serious about trying to offer DSL, I’m sure they don’t have the resources to actually implement it within the next 5 years. Somebody has been laying what appears to be fiber-optic cable between here and Provo, and though I have no idea where it’s going, I’m sure it’s not Emery Telcom that’s doing it. The strange thing about it is that the crew laying the fiber has been criss-crossing the road with it, digging trenches across four lanes of highway only to go back to the other side. It crosses the road about 8 times or so in a 6-mile stretch. The existing fiber runs in a straight line on the east side of the road for most of the distance between Price and Provo, so I don’t know why they don’t just bury the new cable alongside the old. Who knows…maybe they just don’t want to risk cutting the old cable…

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