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Both of Michael’s doctor’s appointments went well yesterday. The first was just for a hearing test, during which he had to be asleep (luckily, he cooperated), and his hearing was just fine. The second was just a 2-week check-up, and while they didn’t have the results of his PKU test yet, his doctor said he is doing damn good. He weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz., so he’s gained 1 lb. 6 oz. in only 18 days, and he’s grown 1½ inches.
We also did some shopping while we were up in Provo. We spent $130 at Sam’s Club, where I got two cases of motor oil, a shitload of food, and some stuff for the baby. I also got a couple new pairs of shoes, because I’ve only owned one pair since the rest got destroyed when my basement flooded. We stopped by the Hostess outlet store, where they have bread and donuts and all kinds of other stuff really cheap, and we bought a lot of stuff that will make us really fat. Ah well, I was never inclined to try to stay in shape, so why bother trying to eat right, too? =)

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