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People are stupid. I’ve been trying to download all of Metallica’s black album from Audiogalaxy, but I keep getting live versions of many of the songs. If people are going to share their mp3s over the internet, they should at least name them in such a manner as to allow others to differentiate between different versions. If I had a fast internet connection, it wouldn’t be as big a deal for me, but it sucks wasting 10 minutes or more (usually much more) downloading something only to find out it’s not what I wanted.
My company’s Albany and Binghamton offices are closing today and tomorrow because of the nasty weather they’re supposed to be getting. Each city is supposed to get 2 feet or more of snow in the next couple days. I wish we’d get something like that here…it’s been a long time since we got more than a foot of snow (I think I was in jr. high school then).

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