Little Mikey’s doing much the same as he was yesterday, but the nurse said he probably won’t start feeding normally for a couple more days, which means it’ll be more like a week before we can take him home, though Traci should get discharged Tuesday. So we’re going to stay at Jaysen’s (my bro-in-law) until we can take the baby home. I’m going into work tomorrow to tell them that we had the baby, and that they shouldn’t expect to see me for at least a week, unless I get really bored and decide to save a few vacation days (or unless he gets better faster). =)
I was pretty upset to find out that Dale Earnhardt died today. I was watching the race here at the hospital, and when they stopped coverage after the race, I assumed everything was ok, or else they would have said otherwise. I didn’t find out until my mom called me and told me. The TVs here only have up to channel 13 (cheap bastards), or else I would have been watching ESPN to find out how Earnhardt and Stewart were doing. It’s just sad when somebody goes well before their time. For all you non-race fans, here‘s the story.

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