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Finally, a hospital with internet access. =) A hell of a lot has been going on, so I guess I’ll tell the whole story now. Traci had an ultrasound Thursday, and it showed that Michael was a little small for how far along the pregnancy was, and there was very little amniotic fluid. So the doctor decided that they were going to induce labor right then. So we went to the hospital we were planning on delivering at, which was just a few miles away. They applied some sort of gel there that was supposed to dilate the cervix, but after 3 treatments and 18 hours, nothing had happened except a few small contractions. So they gave Traci some pitosin, which is supposed to induce full labor. After a few hours of that, she hadn’t dilated at all yet, and with each contraction, the baby’s heart rate dropped considerably. So the doctor decided to take him c-section, because he didn’t think Michael would do well (or maybe even survive) a regular delivery. So they took him c-section, and besides him being small, he was ok.
After being fed, he kept spitting everything up, so they had to feed him intravenously. That kept up for a while, and they were getting worried about it, so he was transported to another hospital, which is where I am now. Traci was moved here too, ’cause she still has a few days left to stay in bed, though we were lucky to get a room here, ’cause they were really crowded. Michael is in the newborn ICU now, and he’s doing as well as he has been lately, but they just moved him to this hospital because they were better equipped to monitor him and take care of him if something else went wrong. We should find out tomorrow whether or not he’ll continue to vomit his food back up, or if he’ll finally keep it down. The doctor said he might possibly have a viral infection that’s causing all this, so he’s being treated for that now too. If he can keep it down, we might be able to take him home by Tuesday. Hopefully.

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