Well fuck.

Well, Michael’s finally eating real food instead of being fed through an IV. Traci even got to breast-feed him yesterday. We’re feeling more and more normal, but it won’t quite be normal ’til we are home with him.
Traci is starting to get over her cold, but mine is starting to get worse. Traci’s doctor originally thought she had pneumonia, but after an x-ray, they decided it was just a really bad cold. She had it two weeks before Michael was born, and they think that was partially to blame for the low amniotic fluid and his lack of weight-gain. Traci’s on pain medication and antibiotics, and I’m taking tons of DayQuil and NyQuil.
I got a letter from Price City’s insurance company last week informing me that they weren’t going to pay for any of the damages to my basement. The letter claimed that Price City was not negligent, and that they clean their sewers once a year, which they believe is sufficient enough to not cause back-ups. I went to Price yesterday to pay some bills and get some stuff that we needed up here, and I stopped by Price City’s offices to talk to somebody. The lady I talked to pretty much told me, “Tough shit, deal with it.” I asked to speak with her boss, who was the mayor as it turned out, but she said he was out of town (yeah, right). So I got pretty irate and started yelling at her, and when I grabbed my letter off her desk on my way out, I sent some stuff on her desk flying across the room, and she started freaking out and said she was going to call the police. I just said, “Fuck you, bitch!” and left. I don’t know if she did call them, because I left in quite a hurry. I went to my homeowner’s insurance company and explained the situation to them. If Price City says they’re not liable, then my homeowner’s insurance has to cover it. And of course, they don’t want to because it’s clearly Price City’s fault, so my insurance agent is going to get their attorneys to handle the case. So hopefully my insurance company’s attorneys can duke it out with Price City’s attorneys, and the loser will be forced to pay.

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