Jeep Safari

The 33rd annual Easter Jeep Safari started in Moab, Utah, today (see for coverage). Damn, I wish I could be there. But with my Jeep being 100% stock, I wouldn’t have much of a chance to do anything fun. This weekend I saw several bad-ass Jeeps being towed through Price, Utah (my hometown), on their way to Moab. It makes my mouth water just thinking about being there…
Speaking of Price, the town’s local newspaper, the Sun Advocate, published a ground-breaking story in the March 25th edition. Apparently Price resident Tony Koss was seen in his front yard trimming tree branches. Yeah, that’s it…that’s the whole story. I guess that’s why The Onion is so damn funny to me. Stories like “Tortilla-Chip Supply Dwindling, Reports Man on Couch” are actually commonplace in the Advocate, and are meant to be serious. The funny thing about it is that The Onion is free (online version, anyway), whereas most people in Price actually pay to read the Advocate

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