I changed some graphics on the page today. They’re nothin’ really purdy, but (I think) they’re better than the previous ones.
I bought Fatboy Slim’s “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” today. I was debating on whether to get that or the new Cake. It’s a pretty kickass album, but now I have the feeling I’d have rather gotten Cake. I think I’m just less likely to get tired of something like Cake…I still listen to “Fashion Nugget” a lot.
I’ve been having problems with Internet Explorer 5 already. I visited the White Ty Affair, then followed one of the links on the left of the page, and when I was done reading that page, hit the Back button in IE. Instead of displaying the most recent version of the WTA, it showed an older version from my cache. I hit Refresh and it fixed the problem, but I tried following a link again then hitting Back, and the same thing happened. It kinda blows, because for sites like Ty’s that get updated often, I can’t be sure I’m looking at the most recent update unless I hit Refresh.
I rented a ’98 Toyota Corolla today because my Jeep’s getting some body work done. For a dinky little car, it sure isn’t that bad. I’ve owned 2 Ford Escorts, and this sure is a lot better than either of those. It accelerates faster than an Escort, and rides a lot better. Of course, to me, it doesn’t really matter because I’m not in the market for this kind of car anyway…

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