Tonight on FOX

Tonight, Fox is airing a special called “When Friends’ Sites go Down,” an in-depth account of actual friend’s websites that are no longer available at their previous addresses. Ok, seriously, the White Ty Affair (previously has been moved back to, and Brad’s “Temple of Time” site is down completely. Hopefully, they’ll soon find hosts for their sites, so stay tuned for late-breaking news!
I added a little more to the About Me page last night. It’s nothing substantial or even interesting, but it’s there if you give a damn. I’m going to try to write a Perl script (or possibly just use ASP) that will allow me to insert some text into all my 52 HTML documents on this site, so when I need to change anything in the left menu column (like I did today with the WTA and ToT), I only have to do it once. I’m not even sure if that’s possible, but I’ll soon find out.

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