In the town where I live (Springville, Utah), there is a company called Airswitch which claims to provide 10 megabit/second internet connections to private individuals for $20/month. They build a LAN in your town/neighborhood, then run a CAT-5 cable to your house and you’re all hooked up. I’ve seen them around town running cable all over the place, and it’s bright yellow cable, so it’s easy to tell which areas have service available. They haven’t wired my neighborhood yet, but when they do, I’ll find out if they really can provide such a fast connection. I haven’t seen any news about this technology anywhere, which seems kinda odd to me. With something as awesome as a 10 megabit connection for the price of a dialup, I’d think everyone would be talking about it. Until I see it in action, I’ll be as skeptical about it as the latest Elvis sighting at the local Wal-Mart. šŸ™‚

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