January 2 Bike Ride

I enjoyed a bike ride in the snow this afternoon. Hoping that Luke’s Trail would be packed down enough to ride, I drove to the trailhead and rode my bike perhaps 100 feet up the trail before giving up that idea. There’d been a fair amount of foot traffic on the trail, but not enough to make it rideable. I settled for riding on a nearby gravel road that had been plowed since the last snowstorm. The riding was easy and my face froze, but the rest of me stayed warm. Torrey ran alongside me, avoiding the snow-packed road and instead bounding through the deep snow and sagebrush. The ride was only 2.5 miles–barely enough to get the heart pumping, but more than adequate to help with my cabin fever. Here are a few photos I took with my phone.

Bike on Luke's Trail in the snow

Bike, gas well, sun

Powerline road

Post-ride sunset spot

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