When Vacations Attack

In September last year I got an e-mail from a production company who was making a series for the Travel Channel titled “When Vacations Attack.” They wanted to use the footage from my ATV rollover on their show. After exchanging a few e-mails, I agreed and signed a licensing agreement with them, then uploaded my video clips to their server. The deal was that if and when they used the footage, they’d send me a check. I’d seen the series air beginning in December, but hadn’t watched it, assuming that they hadn’t yet used my footage since I hadn’t heard anything further about it.
Today in the mail I received a check from the production company! Apparently the episode with my segment already aired last month, and I’m bummed to have missed it. It doesn’t air again until February 27th, so unless I can find it online somewhere, I’ll be waiting until then to watch it. I’m curious to see how they spun the story–I was fully prepared to be ridiculed when I decided to license the video. 😀

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