Snow on Luke's TrailSpring fever’s got a hold of me, and Mother Nature hasn’t decided whether it’s spring or winter. The weather the past week has been gorgeous, but some winter storms are supposed to roll in beginning tonight and lasting through at least the weekend. I’ve tried getting out to enjoy the warm weather lately, though my plans haven’t always turned out as I’d hoped. I’ve been riding my mountain bike a lot, but the singletrack trails still have patches of snow and mud on them. I’ve cleaned and lubed my bike a couple of times in the past couple of weeks, and now I’m holding out for drier conditions before I go riding again (just so I don’t have to wash the bike again!).
Road to Bull PointOn Saturday I tried going for a hike, but I couldn’t even drive to the spot where I wanted to start hiking because of some deep snow drifts on the road. The truck got stuck in a drift and I spent 20 minutes digging it out. I was hoping to hike to the top of Bull Point in the Consumers Area. All the snow I encountered on the road indicated that I wouldn’t have an easy hike if I tried it now, so I’ll go back and try again when it all melts and the mud dries out.
Washing machine partsOn Thursday of last week Traci had started a load of laundry, but when she went to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, she found that the clothes were still sopping wet. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the coupling between the motor and the transmission had broken, so even though the motor was spinning, the drum wouldn’t turn. I ordered the new part that night (only $17 after shipping), and it got here yesterday. I spent my lunch break replacing it and got it done with very little trouble. I was glad to have saved myself a call to a repairman.

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