Humbug Canyon

Humbug CanyonThe weather made for a relatively low-key weekend. I’d originally wanted to drive out to Desert Lake to see if there were any bald eagles hanging out, but it was so windy and cold on Saturday that I couldn’t even bring myself to leave the house. Instead, I took the family out there on Sunday after the wind had died down somewhat. We were disappointed to not find any eagles there, but we continued driving past the dinosaur quarry and ended up at the Jump near Humbug Canyon. I’d been there before with the kids, but Traci wasn’t with us that time. There’s a small side canyon off of Humbug Canyon there where the Jump Trail (a cattle trail) descends down into Humbug. We parked at the end of the road and hiked around to the south side of the side canyon. The views were great, and though it might look pleasant from the photos, it was cold and still somewhat windy. We hiked about a mile and a half total, just wandering around and exploring the rim of the canyon. I placed a geocache on our way back to the truck near a cool rock in the Curtis Formation, then we headed for home. On our way past Desert Lake again, we did spot a golden eagle and a couple of small hawks that were playing on the air currents. It was a quick afternoon outing, but it made my weekend.

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