Price Bike Ride

Selfie while stopped to restI spent some time over the past week trying to find a nice mountain bike route in and around Price, by using Google Earth and just riding around, and yesterday I found a route that I think I’d like to ride more often. I left home and rode a few blocks on the pavement toward Pinnacle Canyon Academy, and from there I took a narrow singletrack dirt trail up some hills, then bombed down a dirt road that followed the canal all the way to the skate park. From there it was several more blocks of asphalt to the east end of 800 North, then north into the dirt hills. I rode across the north end of Price from east to west, eventually coming back to the pavement for a short distance in the Coves, then up the dirt road onto Wood Hill and bombed again down behind the junior high school. It was a few more blocks of pavement from there to my house. The ride kicked my ass, but I’m sure doing it several more times will help to get me in better shape, and improve my biking skills. There are a lot of very steep uphill section on this route, and I’m hopeful that by repeating it over and over I’ll eventually be able to ride it without stopping to catch my breath (or nearly falling off my bike).

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GPS Tracklog and Photo Locations (Google Earth .KMZ Format)

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