This post is brought to you by the number 12

This is the first chance during the past week and a half that I’ve had to sit down and write a few entries for my blog. Two weekends ago it was mine and Traci’s 12th anniversary. Traci’s mom watched the kids all weekend, and my mom watched Torrey, so we enjoyed some rare time to ourselves. We spent Saturday in Utah County, where we did some shopping and bought ourselves some anniversary gifts. Traci got some scrapbooking stuff, and I got a Petzl Aspir climbing harness. We also got a trampoline–Traci finally nagged me into letting her get one. 😀 We saw Iron Man 2, then had dinner at Red Lobster.
After dinner we headed south on I-15 and went to the Hunt’s house. We helped out some more with their basement remodel, and spent the night in their camp trailer since their house was under construction. Cortney and I got a new wall built, and we made a couple of trips to the hardware store to get insulation and electrical and plumbing components. It didn’t feel like we got as much accomplished as the previous weekend, but building things takes more time than tearing them apart.
It was a very nice weekend, spending it with my wife and then with some friends. It felt a bit strange without the kids around, and it felt very strange not having Torrey around, since she’s with me more than the kids are (at least while school is in session). It was the best anniversary we’ve had in a while.

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