Cove Rim Trail

Cove Rim TrailLast week I went for my second ride on the new bike. I met a guy on Luke’s Trail during my first ride a week earlier, and he told me about a trail he’d just ridden that begins/ends just a few hundred feet east of the Luke’s trailhead. Instead of driving the truck to the trailhead like I did for my first ride, I rode the bike straight from my house. The steep road going up Wood Hill was killer, and I admittedly had to get off and walk a lot of it. At the very top of the hill, I easily found the singletrack trail leading off to the east. The trail followed the rim of the small plateau north of Price, and there were a lot of nice views into town. I was surprised to see a lot of wildflowers in bloom, since there were hardly any along Luke’s Trail the week before. The trail seemed a bit more technical, but it was still moderately easy for a beginner like me.
Wildflowers on Cove Rim TrailI eventually came to a trail intersection near the gravel road that drops into Mead’s Wash. One branch of the trail went north across the gravel road, and the other branch, which was difficult to make out at first, went southeast and continued following the rim of the plateau. It eventually met up with the maze of 4×4 and ATV trails just north of the baseball fields and the police station, and at that point the singletrack ceased to exist. I wasn’t sure if I’d missed a bike trail somewhere, or if it was meant to end there. I really need to get a map of the trails around here. This map is pretty old and is missing the Cove Rim Trail (and many others, I’m told), but I hear that Fuzzy has an updated map at his bike shop.
My legs were tired from the ride/hike up the plateau before the start of the trail, so I rode down the hills back into town and returned home. The singletrack was only 2.25 miles, and my total riding distance from/to my house was about 5 miles. I have been too busy since then to go riding again, but I hope to remedy that this week.

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