Well, obviously I didn’t get out to Little Wild Horse Canyon last weekend like I’d wanted. The rest of the family wasn’t really excited about going, and I started to doubt whether it would be worth the risk of driving that far just to get turned around at the first ice/snow-filled section of narrows. Instead, we placed a couple of geocaches locally and played with our Christmas presents. The kids got some Lego sets that have kept them pretty busy, and we’ve all been enjoying the new Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.
For New Year’s last night, Sam and Mark came over with their boys, and we all ate, drank, and were merry. I’ve got plans tomorrow to drive with the family to Buckhorn Wash to find a couple of geocaches, and we may drive down to the end of the Mexican Mountain road if we have time and are feeling up to it. I’m also going to make a quick stop to check out a possible hiking route that I want to take when the snow melts. It’s a steep, north-facing slope, so I don’t expect to be able to hike it any time soon, but when I’m able to I plan on placing my 100th geocache at the top.
I finally ditched my prepaid cell phone and got on Traci’s Verizon plan this week. I no longer have to worry about how minutes I have left, and I can take photos and post them to Facebook while I’m out and about. It was a pain to get my number ported over to Verizon. My Tracfone service was going to expire tomorrow if I didn’t renew it, and Tracfone was dragging their feet on releasing the number to Verizon. I suspect they were waiting for my service to expire so that they didn’t have to port the number over (after all, why help a customer who’s discontinuing service?), but one phone call to them three days after the initial port request and they finally ported it over.

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