Calm Before the Storm

This has been probably the laziest weekend I’ve had in quite a while. I took each Friday in November off work, and every Thursday and Friday this month, and each of those long weekends I was able to get outside to do at least something. This Thursday Traci and I went to Utah County to try to finish our Christmas shopping, though we still came up short on a few gifts we needed to get. The rest of the weekend I’ve done very little. I did manage to make it through the dreaded in-laws’ Christmas party last night without incident.
This week I have to work for three days, and we’ve got to get our house cleaned up for the traditional Christmas Eve party that my family comes over for. On Christmas, we’ll be eating dinner at my mom’s house. I’m hoping to do something fun with my family after Christmas. I’m actually considering hiking Little Wild Horse Canyon, though I know it’s a crazy idea. There’s a good chance there’ll be some icy water in the narrow parts of the canyon, but I’ll be fully prepared to just scrap the plan if we encounter that. The reason I want to hit LWHC is because there’s a geocache there that, in addition to one other along I-70, I need to find in order to have found the 12 oldest caches in Emery County. Then I can be the first to log this cache, which is something I’ve wanted to do since it was placed.

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