I’ve been waiting for some snow to go 4-wheeling in and it showed up in abundance overnight. We got maybe a couple of inches last week, but it’s been too cold to ride. This morning I woke up to a total of six or eight inches on the ground. It got plenty warm (well, only if you consider 36 degrees to be warm) for a ride, so the whole family packed into the truck late this morning and set out for Farnham Dome. We first tried taking the main road going south over the top of the anticline, but we only made it about 3/4-mile before running into some deep snow drifts along a section of the road that dropped steeply off to one side. The drifts wouldn’t have been a problem if they were on flat ground, but getting up a lot of speed to break through them could have spelled big trouble with that drop to one side.
We returned to the intersection where the truck was parked and took the road leading west, which shortly dropped into the wash that runs south alongside the west side of the anticline. I didn’t expect to make it far down the wash. I was surprised when we were able to go several miles and eventually made it to another intersection with a road that led east back up onto the anticline. That road would eventually lead us back to the snow drifts that stopped us earlier, so we turned around and went a very short distance until we found a nice spot to stop, build a fire, and eat lunch. We enjoyed our lunch and some hot chocolate, and the kids and dog played in the snow, then we returned to the truck the same way we’d come.
It was fun enough to be worth loading and unloading the ATVs, but there’s a ton of snow packed into the suspensions that needs to be removed before I park them back in the garage–I don’t want it all to melt in there. I only took a few photos while we were out, which you can view here on Facebook.

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