New 2008 Honda RancherI picked up my new ATV on Tuesday and took it for a ride yesterday. The engine break-in period is supposed to be 15 miles, so I picked a short, easy, close-to-home ride where I could get at least that many miles in. I hauled the ATV to near Cliffview Cemetery, only about two miles from my house, then started riding north toward Kenilworth. The roads were mostly gravel and suitable for just about any vehicle, so it was a relatively boring ride on an ATV. After coming down off the Claybanks Road and through Kenilworth, I stopped to check out a couple of old building foundations that I’d spotted in Google Earth. They were all rough-hewn sandstone, with none of the upper parts of the buildings remaining, but they were pretty interesting. I’m surprised that I hadn’t seen them before, after having spent the first ten years of my life in that area.
After Kenilworth I followed the old railroad grade to Helper. I ran into a section of trail there that was really muddy, and it felt terrible riding a brand new ATV through the mud. I got over it after fishtailing through some of the mud though–that seemed to put a smile on my face. 🙂 I stayed on the railroad grade until it petered out and became mostly unrideable. There were a couple of side trails that I could have followed, but I knew I would be pushing it in order to get back to the truck before it got too dark (and too cold). On my way back to town, the sun set before I got to the big natural gas compressor station north of Price and it got surprisingly cold, which I wasn’t prepared for. Fortunately it was only a few more miles back to the truck, so I didn’t have to endure it for very long.
It was nice to get back in the saddle. Today I put a new basket on my front rack for Torrey to ride in. I’m contemplating going for a ride this weekend, but it’s gonna depend on the weather, and whether or not I feel like getting out in the rain/snow. I usually try not to let the weather stop me from getting out, and as long as I choose a sandy (or at least non-clay) trail to ride, the precipitation shouldn’t pose any problems. Getting Traci and the kids to come with me will be the difficult part.

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  1. Is that building on the south side of Kenilworth road or closer to the old railroad tracks. I am trying to remember if I have seen that building before. I have seen one foundation closer to town but the pictures you took look further out. I think you found one I haven’t seen before also.

  2. There were three buildings out there, and they were all near where two of the old railroad grades intersect. The first two photos of the buildings were taken here, and the last three building photos were taken here. The last one was very interesting–it was 15-20′ deep, with two openings that were completely below ground level, though one of the openings was filled with stone and mortar.

  3. The first stands out I seen it all the time when I would ride to helper on the railroad grade. the other two I don’t remember. Did you ever see the old hermits rock home further towards helper on the railroad grade it’s pretty neat it has a rock chimney in it also. It is made out of a rock that is windswept into a half circle with sticks and stones built up on 3 sides with a doorway it is pretty cool. The chimney has ashes in it still from when we were younger. The older kids at the time found it and showed it to me awhile after you moved to Price. You drive past the old burnt wooden bridge bypass in the big wash. Then when you get to the next bypass you take the right road for 10 feet, and head north towards the mountain through the dried out riverbed about 2 to 300 feet. You will have to get off the 4 wheelers for the last 200 feet or so It is pretty well hidden you might miss it at first it is above you on the right when the wash gets deeper. I could show you one of these days. I am not sure about the hermits tale, but it is a pretty neat fort the kids will like it.

  4. The boulder with the chimney sounds pretty cool. I think I can find it based on your description, so I’ll give it a try the next time I’m there. There is a new gas well in that area (I think it’s to the left of the wash you’re talking about) that was installed sometime in the last year, and they tore down quite a bit of the hillside in order to level the pad. Hopefully the boulder is still there, and not buried in dirt.

  5. I showed it to my uncle last June and there wasn’t a well there then. I hope you find it it is pretty well hidden from the road. Even when your by it you can’t see it sometimes. I had a pic but it is in the cellphone I lost. when i look at google maps the well is further west from the chimney rock. head back east from the well to the next turnout and turn left on the bumpy path for 10 feet then go north on the big washout to the empty riverbed. It goes northeast for 10 feet then heads northeast. Right when the walls of the riverbed are above you it is on your right. Find a safe spot to climb up, Then climb uphill for about 5 feet and your there. Sorry I don’t have GPS.

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