This past weekend was the most boring in recent memory. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, and it seemed as though I spent each day just waiting for bedtime. It was unusual for me to just do nothing, but it was unusually warm and rainy for January and I didn’t want to venture out in the mud. Actually, I’m not sure I would have done anything had the weather been nice. It was just that sort of weekend.
My insurance company sent a tow truck to haul off the carcass of my ATV on Monday, and yesterday I secured another loan to purchase a new one. The Honda dealer didn’t have any new ’08 Ranchers in stock, so they ordered one up and it’ll be here on Tuesday. Since the days are still so short and the weather so cold, I will more than likely have to wait until the following weekend to ride it and get the engine past the break-in period. I believe I will avoid riding on snow-covered trails, at least for the remainder of this winter. šŸ˜€

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  1. I just want to say thanks for your blog and keep up the great work. I know you had a bad week. I am glad you are alright, and I want you to know that your blog is a great way for me to keep up with my old friend. I like the pics you send out every post they are a good way for me to remember the places I hung out as a kid. You have a good family and it feels like I still know you after all these years. I remember when we were young and you getting your picture in the local paper a couple of times. Once when we were tubing down big hill in kenilworth. and once when you were playing pool in price. I also remember when your Dad got you a telescope I think for your birthday and we looked at the moon, and the pictures your dad used to take were awesome. Not too far off from what you do today in your blogs. You inspire me to the outdoors and old friendships, and I hope I inspired you. Take care!!!

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