Deferred Procrastination

Today I dropped off Traci, the kids, and our camp trailer at a campground in Huntington Canyon for Traci’s family reunion. I’m now pondering what I should do this weekend while I’m on my own with no family obligations. I’d considered going on a couple of ATV rides to find the two oldest unfound geocaches in Utah, but not only would that be a little pricey, it would also be a lot of work. Now I’m thinking about throwing my camping gear into the car and spending Friday night in Buckhorn Wash, and either doing several short hikes in the area or one long hike. It’s entirely likely that I’ll stay at home all weekend while doing nothing productive, but I’d like to keep my options open. I may not even decide what I’m doing for the weekend until I get off work on Friday, in which case it’s even more likely that I’ll do nothing.

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