A Swell July

Atop a cliffYesterday, we said “Screw it!” to all this heat, and decided to drive down into the San Rafael Swell to do some geocaching. It was over 90° when we left home, but a thunderstorm was brewing and it cooled things off considerably during the drive. It didn’t rain much where we were, but apparently it rained quite a bit in Price while we were out of town because everything was wet when we got home. Despite it being a weekday, I saw a fair number of cars in the Swell–maybe eight in all, including one truck that I’m pretty sure was being driven by DesertWoodrat‘s dad. We went first to Buckhorn Wash and found a few geocaches along the way, then stopped at one of my favorite places in the canyon to eat dinner. I also placed a new geocache there on top of some cliffs above the campsites, while Traci and the kids stayed near the truck and climbed around on some boulders.
After Buckhorn Wash, we drove west then took the road south that follows Red Seep Wash. We found another geocache at the end of the road, and we collected some rocks along the roadside during the drive back to the main road. We made one more stop for a cache in Castle Dale on the way home, and we didn’t get back to our house until almost 11:00 pm. It was a nearly perfect evening–the weather couldn’t have been better–but getting to bed late sure made it difficult to get up in time for work this morning.

3 thoughts on “A Swell July

  1. After reading this, I asked my old man if he seen you. I had describe your truck before he realized it was you. He and my mom are usually going down to the bridge and back.
    Some more geocaches down Buckhorn, can’t wait to find it.

  2. Sounds like a fun little outing.
    I have never found a geo-cache but I do here that once you get started it becomes pretty addicting.

  3. Geocaching can be a lot of fun because people tend to place caches in their favorite places, so I’ve found a lot of interesting spots that I would never have known about because of it. And it can definitely be addictive, but I think I like it the most because I’ve met a lot of people and made a few good friends while geocaching.

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