12-Hour Bug

I started coming down with something yesterday–I had a fever, but was feeling extremely cold, and I was aching everywhere. My stomach hurt, but at least I wasn’t feeling nauseous. As soon as I got off work I went to bed, where I stayed most of the evening. I managed to eat something right before my usual bedtime, which was the first time I’d eaten since breakfast. I expected to wake up this morning feeling just as ill, but I actually felt fine. Hopefully whatever it was doesn’t return, ’cause I’d hate to spend all weekend being sick.
It’s not as though I’ve got plans for this weekend. The rain has pretty much put a damper on anything I had wanted to do, but even without the rain, I think fuel prices would have limited my options. Diesel is currently $4.55/gallon, and I haven’t filled the truck up for more than a month. If I do go anywhere this weekend, it will probably be either for an ATV ride up around the end of Airport Road, or maybe a hike near Kenilworth (again).
I laid down some grass seed in the back of my property today, hoping that all this rainy weather will help get it started. I don’t plan on maintaining an actual lawn back there, but I do hope that the grass will outcompete the weeds. I usually have to mow down weeds a few times a year, but even if it means having to mow more often, I’d rather have grass growing there. As it stands now, it usually turns into a jungle before I get around to mowing the weeds.

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