Fade Out

We had a good time on the ATVs yesterday and managed to avoid the Easter weekend crowds. We left town around 10:00 a.m. and drove to Farnham Dome, which is only about 12 miles from home. It was colder (and windier!) than it had been the past couple of days, so we immediately got a campfire started, then took turns riding on a couple of trails around the area. We had lunch, did an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and roasted marshmallows. At one point, the wind shifted while Torrey was lying on the ground near the fire, and the flames singed her whiskers and some hair on one side of her face. The poor puppy–I had to cut most of her whiskers off on that side. Our camp was set up just off the main road over Farnham Dome, and we only saw one vehicle drive past the whole time we were there (six or seven hours), plus two ATVs drove past just a few minutes before we left.
We got home early enough for me to finish wiring the new tail lights I put on the camp trailer earlier this week. A couple of weeks ago I had moved the trailer forward in the driveway to allow the snow to melt where it had been shading it, and Traci asked me to back the trailer up as close to the gate as I could get it so that she could still park the car in the driveway. Well, I backed the trailer up as close as I could get it, then went an inch or two closer. 😀 It broke the right tail light, but I replaced both of them while I was at it because I’d been having problems with them working for the past couple of years.
I took the Christmas lights off my house today. I kept using all the snow on the roof as an excuse not to take the lights down, but the snow melted two or three weeks ago, so my excuse then was just pure laziness. Another couple of months and I might as well have left them up for next Christmas.
After Traci and the kids went to visit her parents later this afternoon, I went for a short ATV ride with Torrey just outside of Price, on the northeast side of town. There really aren’t any good places to ride close to town–most of the roads are nice, smooth gravel roads that lead to natural gas wells. I actually think that the next I want to ride close(ish) to town, I’ll head back to Farnham Dome. I saw some interesting stuff on the few short rides I took yesterday, like remnants of what appeared to be old drilling rigs, concrete footings, a concrete dam, and several capped off gas wells (CO2, I believe). It would be nice to ride an ATV in (full-sized vehicles are out of the question) and then hike around exploring the area.

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