As a matter of fact, this is where all the action is!

Little did I know that, seven years ago, this post of mine would be such a popular place for people to vent on how badly Utah sucks. There are 68 comments on that post, some of which might as well be novels. I think the main reason for the number of comments is because the post comes up among the first few search results when people search for “utah sucks” on Google.
My stance on how badly Utah sucks has mellowed quite a bit in the past seven years. I still think it’s the people that give Utah a bad name (the land itself is wonderful), but I’ve learned to just ignore them and do my own thing. There are some good things about Utah–relatively low crime rates, liberal (hah!) gun laws, endless recreation opportunities, cheap housing (at least in rural Utah), and low cost of living.
Lately, whenever a comment comes through on that post and the person commenting mentions how happy they are to be leaving or to have left Utah, I just sit back in my chair and grin. They don’t know how good they had it. 😉

6 thoughts on “As a matter of fact, this is where all the action is!

  1. I used to slander and ridicule the culture here in Utah, but I’m learning to overlook the weird parts. I still, and probably always will, suffer from culture shock while living here, though. It’s just that creepy. I’ve had a friend tell me that the best way to deal with it is not get sucked into it, and accept it as someone else’s culture–not yours. If you focus on your career, family, and the outdoors, you should come out on the other side just fine.

  2. Hey Dennis, I posted a couple times on the Utah sucks forum and simultaneously feel a bit childish myself for bitching about it so much, there ARE great things here as well. I would like to thank you though for making a place where we could vent our frustrations……I definitely have gone through a lot of culture shock since moving here, yet, I’ve found a bit of a middle ground as well. Albeit I’ve grown to have a bit of a hermit-like existence, it’s still a great place in many ways. The land and weather is like heaven, truly. And I do think the public transportation is a great addition to the place, considering a lot of other states don’t have so much, except in large metropolitan areas. The culture and the drug problems up around Ogden and the surrounding areas are basically the worst things I’ve found and as long as a person can get through that, or not require that, this place is great (That, and lack of a worthwhile music scene, but maybe that’s just because I’ve not met the right people).
    I think if people want a place to snowboard, it’s a great idea to come here, I would just advise them to move more south than north, or more towards Salt Lake City, as the civilization there is a bit more liberal-minded, and not so, “FOX news loving, Rush Limbaugh-esque”…xD Though that’s a lot worse in the southern states back east than it is out west, most definitely. I do have to give it to Utah though, they are trying really hard to get out of the 80’s. lol. (those high school kids these days)
    I still think I’ll move on eventually though, even though I’ve found a comfortable non-social existence that I’ve actually learned to enjoy and learn a lot in the process.
    I’m thinkin’ Oregon for a while, maybe Bozeman, Montana. Both awesome places…..shoot, even Manhattan would be fun for a short period of time, never know. But I’ll always have appreciation for Utah as well for sure, regardless of my super harsh ranting on the “Utah sucks” forum (It still felt really good, and I did have to go through a lot of trials and tribulations to become accustomed). Every time I drive through I say, “Damn this place is gorgeous!”, and that it truly is! And rain? Living in Utah you don’t even consider it, it’s sunny almost all year.
    Thanks Dennis.

  3. I have been following your website for years. I have lived all over the country and moved to Utah 20 years ago. I am not LDS and don’t have much use for most of them BUT I have made some fine friends here and some are LDS.
    I LOVE the outdoors. Canyon Country, Uintas, middle of the state, West Desert, you name it. It’s all good.
    Thank you Dennis for such an amazing site. You have given me even MORE places to search out.
    BTW, hope your ATV is fixed up an running again! We just bought one this week and hope to get out as soon as the weather is more tolerable!
    My husband and I love to visit Price. We shoot with the Castle Gate Posse at the North Springs Range. You live in one of the greatest spots in the country!

  4. Thanks Sherri, this is indeed a great place to live. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your new ATV! It snowed for hours in Price today and rained the rest of the day, so I don’t think I’ll get out riding any time soon.

  5. I agree that Utah’s scenery is gorgeous, and that there is so much to do here regardless of the time of year, or even whether you like snow (I’m a winter hermit, and still there’s a plethora of things to do)! As for low cost of living, I suppose that depends where you are from. I moved here from Pennsylvania two years ago and it’s outrageously expensive to live here. For instance, we had a 4 bedroom, 2 bath 2200 sq foot home in a gorgeous suburban area of southern Pennsylvania; rented for $700 a month. Here we have a 2 bed, 1 bath $1200 sq foot apartment in a ok(ish) part of the city for $1100 a month. None the less, Utah is only great if you’re mormon, and only “nice” if you’re white and heterosexual. Utah’s laws are made for the LDS and those they wish to make part of their church. Furthermore the wages here are horrible. I’ve been told it’s because of the church. Most who are born here wish to stay here and raise their families near their own, so employers get away with paying subpar wages because there will always be someone to fill the position. So if I hate Utah, why did I move here? Family. I had a kid and we wanted to be closer to family. But we learned (as you mentioned) the people here are fake and unfriendly… even our family. We want to move back east, but the low wages keep us here.

  6. I visited for the first time a year ago. I would love to move there.
    Cost of living (everything I’ve found) has stated I need go make atleast another 20% on top of what I do NOW. But no matter what in my profession I would be taking a pay cut moving to that state, and with that housing market, a studio apartment is double what I pay now for a 1 bedroom(duplex), never mind ever owning a home.
    But I wish i could do it. I miss those mountains.

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