Going Forward in Reverse

I braved the freezing temperatures and went for a short jaunt to Buckhorn Wash today. The gravel roads were a combination of dry and snow/ice-packed, but thankfully no mud. My worry that I could get my car stuck was unfounded–it handled the roads just fine. There was a new geocache to be found near the head of the canyon–it was in a place that always looked like it would be nice to hike around, but I had never stopped there before. I spent about 30 minutes there, then headed farther down the canyon to check out a place that Scott posted a picture of a few days ago. I made a lot of stops along the way to take pictures of places that looked interesting (mostly on the canyon’s rim) in the hopes of returning another day to hike to them. I normally don’t do much rubbernecking when I’m driving through that area, but I did today because I had the road almost to myself–I saw two vehicles the entire time I was in the canyon. I realized just how much there is to explore in Buckhorn Wash, and I’m already scheming a few things to do there this spring.

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