Hell Frozen Over

Traci and I thought it would be a good idea to get the kids some gift cards to Toys-R-Us for Christmas this year, but we apparently didn’t think it through very well. The nearest Toys-R-Us is in Orem, so we drove up there yesterday and listened to the kids ask, “Are we there yet?” for most of the drive. Taking the kids (especially Bradley) into any store can be difficult, but taking them into a toy store is torturous. Bradley was indecisive and whiny, and I think we spent about two hours trying to pick out toys for the kids to buy. Next year I think we’ll just stick to buying them normal gifts.
I had several gift cards that I received from work over the past two years, but most of them were only good for businesses in Utah County, so I wanted to use them all while we were up there. There were nine places that we planned on stopping at, but we skipped two of them because we didn’t want to get home too late. I will probably be going back up there within the next two weeks to work in the office, so I will hit those stores by myself and have a much more enjoyable time doing it.

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