Udink Zero

A few years back I wrote about Mike Udink, a relative in Oregon who has “UDINK 1” on his license plate. Today I got a phone call from a reporter with the Daily Courier who was writing an article about Mike–his license plates (he has three with his last name on them) are all being revoked by the Oregon DMV. I thought my situation with Utah’s DMV was one of those only in Utah moments, but apparently that’s not the case. 🙁 I want to wish good luck to Mike–hopefully he can appeal the decision, and just maybe reasonable minds will prevail.

6 thoughts on “Udink Zero

  1. To all the Udink’s keep up the fight. This is just ridiculous, esp in light of them having the license plates for so long. It would be one thing if the state of Orgeon had brought the issue up 7 years ago when they first issued the original “UDINK1” plate. But now, get real.

  2. This is totally rediculous!! As long as it is a true name, it should be allowed. I rather imagine that there are many names that can be misinterpreted in some other language, but that doesn’t mean that they should be outlawed, which what this is basically doing. Should the change the way they sign there checks and the names on their drivers’ licenses?

  3. This is just absurd! I read in an article about the Oregon plates being revoked that the offensive part was “DINK” so I typed in “dink” into google and do you know what I got? An acronym: Double Income No Kids. I guess it’s also a pill for hangovers over in the UK. There’s also Dink’s Internet Cafe in Kentucky. What is offensive about dink? The only place I found Udink was as a persons last name!Udink’s Unite! Take it to the mattress!

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