Toad from Cedar MountainThis past weekend was both eventful and laid-back, which is pretty unusual for me. On Saturday I hiked on Cedar Mountain, but other than seeing thousands of little toads and tadpoles in puddles left over from a rainstorm a few days earlier, it was an uneventful hike. I was surprised to see toads out in the desert, especially since it’s dry 95% of the time there. I’m not sure how they survive during the dry season.
We took a drive on Monday with Sam and Mark. I wanted to go back to a geocache we’d been to about a year earlier to look for fossils and check out a dinosaur quarry that we learned about after we’d gone last time. The quarry wasn’t very interesting–it looked like they’d finished all their work, and all that was left was a hillside disturbed by heavy equipment. After checking out the quarry, we did some 4-wheeling while trying to drive closer to the Price River. The roads out there are rough, but fun.

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